..  is a born and raised Alaskan Gal who gave up her wild life in the Last Frontier to pursue a calling; to be a full-time motivational musician with a message of no-nonsense, Love & Acceptance. 

   Drawn to the enchantment of the Southwest, Blackspur stuck gold when she stumbled into a quirky small desert town in New Mexico nearly 4 years ago. 

Emerging from the influence of tireless sun and intense heat,  a new sound has been forged in this singer-songwriter, and unholy preacher,  the sounds of Southwestern-Soul.  

    The Congregation of Rooster Blackspur has room for everyone..

Love is the Answer. 

Music is the Antidote .. 


".. If Johnny Cash were a Girl .."

Fort Benton- Fan Review

"..Basically, her voice acts as your best friend.."

- Glide Magazine 2020 



Sisters Folk Festival

- Sisters, OR 

Britt Fest- 

Jacksonville, OR 

Bite of Seattle

- Seattle, WA 


- Seattle, WA 

Wildwood Festival

- Willamina, OR 

Siskiyou Bluegrass Fest 

- Lake Selmac, OR  

Aladdin Theater

- Portland, OR

Vashon Center for the Arts

- Vashon, WA

Red River Folk Festival 

- Red River, NM 

Mile of Music Festival  

- Appleton, WI

"..more of a spiritual experience than a concert.. like church without the bullshit.."

- Portland, OR - Fan Review 

"... Her voice will strike you.." 

- Glide Magazine 

Some Formerly as