The Wilderness Revival Society

The Wilderness Revival Society was formed by Wilderness Guide,  Outdoorswoman, Singer-Songwriter, and born and raised Alaskan ; Rooster Blackspur.  

The WRS focus: Life Experiences based in Wilderness. 

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The Wilderness Revival Society Presents: 

Being raised in the wilderness of Alaska had a profound effect on my development as a human being, and wild places continue to be where I go to find solace, safety and healing in life's most troubling moments. 

Without knowing it, having an immersive encounter with wilderness cultivates confidence and capabilities that only nature can offer. 

The Wilderness Revival Society is a growing and expanding vision that will eventually become a non-profit organization with the vision of "Life Experiences in Wilderness".

Taking people into wilderness for unforgettable life experiences spanning from movement classes, tactile educational teachings, guided meditations, hikes, wild foraging, cooking classes, survival skills, song-writing workshops, off-grid concerts and more !

A giant dream always starts with one step so the first Wilderness Revival Society event is "Rites of Passage" a two-day wilderness immersion in Rainer, Oregon on August 12/13 

People will be invited to camp on a beautiful 27 acre property for two days and two nights with a small group of other participants.  I will be the main wilderness guide for this event , taking people through a series of experiences in wilderness while camping on a beautiful off-grid property will no cell phone service or wifi. 

Music will guide your experience, and how far you decide to immerse is up to you. It is my belief, that whatever you are seeking from nature .. you will find. 

The Wilderness Revival Society wants to create the opportunities for people to find what they need most in nature, as well as guide you through acquiring skillsets that will enable you take your wilderness experiences into your daily life. 

I invite you to immerse.. 

Love, Rooster